Monday, September 21, 2015

How Global Brand Sites Get Lost in Translation

Unsurprisingly, translating global websites into local languages boosts sales. Consumers are four times more likely to purchase from – and will spend twice as much time on – websites that are in their native language. Yet many global brands are still getting their footing when it comes to translation, according to L2’s Intelligence Report: Localization.

One major obstacle is accounting for vocabulary variations between countries that speak the same language, such as Spain and Argentina. Tory Burch and ASOS have both taken the time to do this, using different clothing terminology on their U.S. and U.K. sites. For example, Tory Burch sells “Sweaters” on its U.S. site and “Jumpers” in the U.K. Similarly, ASOS differentiates between “Sneakers” on its U.S. site and “Trainers” in the U.K.

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